Screen Repairs and Screen Enclosures in Estero, Naples and Clearwater, FL

Do it yourself window screen replacement project

Screen repair projects can be very difficult, and if you do not have the tools needed for the job, you should contact a professional to do it for you. When you are dealing with a window screen replacement, you do not need professional tools, and you can do this on your own in just a couple of minutes if you follow these 3 simple steps.

Before starting the actual replacement job, you should first buy the replacement material. You can find it in your local hardware shops, even from areas such as Estero, Naples, and Clearwater. The best one you can choose is fiberglass since it has a good value to price ratio.

The first step of this project involves removing the old screen and fixing the frame in position so it will not change its position while you are working with it. During this step, you should use a sharp screwdriver to pry out the old spline, which will have to be replaced because in time it hardens. After you have successfully removed the spline, you now have to secure the frame. You can do this by simply screwing wooden blocks, placed along the inside of the frame, to the worktable.

Step two of the job involves cutting and fixing the new screen into place. When you have to cut it, you should overlay the screen over the frame and cut it leaving a 1 extra inch margin. After that you have to cut the corners to a 45° angle, because it will prevent the screen from bunching in the corners. Then you have to take the screen rolling tool and the new spline and, using the screen rolling tool push the spline and the screen into the groove of the frame.

During the third and last step, you only have to trim the excess screen material using a utility knife. It is advised to use a new, sharp cutting blade so it will cut the material and not pull it out of the groove.