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3 Useful Tips for French Style Screen Porches

Does shabby chic resonate with your design preferences? If yes, then you’ll definitely like these tips on screen porches, because they were created especially for you!

1.       Keep it simple

The French are famous for being sophisticated, but more often than not sophisticated means simple. So make sure you limit yourself to only 3, max 4 colors; use the same tones throughout the porch: wardrobes, chairs, floors, walls, etc.

But be careful not to be too simple. If the décor is clean and clear, you can go bold with the ceiling: choose a complex chandelier for a maximum effect. Or you can use plants and flowers as decorative elements.

Keep in mind: you do need a few elements to stand out, but otherwise keep the screen porches design as simple as possible.

2.       Keep it budget-friendly

Screen enclosures are usually places where you want to relax. Would you be able to relax if each time you saw your screen porch numbers of how much you spent on it started going through your mind?

Rather than going overboard with costs, think intelligently: can you find something really beautiful at the Sunday market in your town? Like a table or a chair that would be a perfect fit to your screen porch?

Keep in mind: the flea market is that kind of place that’s both budget-friendly and filled with hidden gems for screen enclosures…

3.       Get the right flowers

Speaking of flowers, purchase “French-style” flowers: small roses, lavender, lilies of the valley… strong smells, small flowers, beautiful bouquets of colors. That’s what French style is all about. Oh, and if you can combine these flowers with white-washed pots… well, that’s definitely something that will ‘wow!’ your friends.

Psss… these tips are especially useful to those living in Naples or Clearwater because they can easily contact a professional company to build their screen enclosure. And then… all that’s left is decorating the interiors!