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  • 1-239-450-1715


  • 1-239-450-1715


  • 1-239-450-1715


Patio Covers Naples, Bonita Springs, Clearwater, Estero, Tarpon Springs, and Zephyrhills


Patio covers or enclosures have tons of benefits. Youcan transform a so-so porch into an amazing screened-in porch, sun room or 3-season room. There are several different types of porch enclosures including outdoor curtain systems, do-it-yourself-in-a-weekend kits or more complex enclosures that are custom-made and installed by qualified technicians. There is a porch enclosure to fit every budget, from curtains and open air systems to more complex full enclosures. A porch enclosure is a great investment and will give you many hours of comfort.

Patio Covers Naples Florida

With patio enclosure Naples homeowners get the following benefits:

- They are practically maintenance free. Most enclosures are made from aluminum and require very little maintenance.

- They expand your home's living space.

- They allow you to be "outdoors" without the bugs.

- You can be sheltered from the elements and still enjoy being "outside".

- They provide you shade to keep you cool in the summer.

- They add functionality and beauty to your home.

Sometimes porch enclosures can appear as if they were an afterthought addition to the home. However, today's innovative technology and design can make porch enclosures look as if they were always part of the home's plan. Porch enclosures add beauty and value to the home and are growing in popularity among perspective home buyers.

Patio Covers Naples FL

Extreme weather, weight and blunt force are no match for the materials used by today's porch enclosure installers. Maintenance-free aluminum extrusion and commercial-grade fiberglass screen systems give you a porch enclosure that is among the most durable available for patio covers in Naples, Florida. Additionally, since the materials are stronger, posts can be spaced at larger intervals, giving a more unobstructed view. Keeping the porch enclosure clean is as easy as spraying it with a garden hose. Even torn screens can be easily fixed with new systems like screen spline groove.

Some people hesitate to add porch enclosures because they prefer to enjoy the full sunlight and openness of the current open-air deck. In order to provide them the best of both worlds, a subfloor can be constructed under their existing deck, creating a waterproof roof and the area below the deck can be screened in. That allows homeowners to utilize the space below the deck, which is often unused and wasted space.

Porch enclosures provide one of the greatest benefits in that they get your family outside into the fresh air. Screened-in enclosures help provide the beneficial healthy effects of negative ions. They also reduce stress by connecting the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors with indoor comfort. Porch enclosures provide an excellent location to be able to read, visit with family, friends or guests or even work. Best of all, with a porch enclosure homeowners can be "outdoors" without dealing with outdoor pests, which often annoy us with bites or stings. Install a ceiling fan in the porch enclosure to guarantee you'll always have a breeze. There are so many benefits of having a porch enclosure and no negatives. You'll wonder why you didn't get your porch done years ago.

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