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    screen rooms naples fl

    Screen Rooms Naples FL

    Need a Screen Room enclosure or repair? We provide affordable service to Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, Clearwater and Zephyrhills. Plus offer the following

    • Affordable prices, high quality work.
    • Do-It-Yourself Kits!
    • Front Entry Ways
    • Carports
    • Re-screening, Patio Enclosures, Pool Cages, Repairs, Roof repairs, Soffit & Fascia


  • 1-239-450-1715

    10 Year Warranty!

    We use PRO-TEC and NYLO-TEC screws to protect your screen rooms. The NYLO-TEC fastener is a self drilling screw with a special glass reinforced nylon bi-hexagonal head to resist corrosion. The PRO-TECT Fastener Protection allows for a plastic sleeve which protects your screws best.

  • 1-239-450-1715


Aluminum Carports for Areas of Clearwater and Zephyrhills, FL

Aluminum carports and patio covers increased the value of your property

Whether you live in Bonita Springs, Clearwater, Estero or anywhere else in Florida, you can increase the value of your property by adding patio covers and aluminum carports. A screen enclosure such as a patio cover also makes your home life more comfortable and enjoyable. Now you can relax on your patio without being troubled by the wind, rain, sun and other harsh weather conditions and elements. Patio covers also keep nasty insects outside so you can relax without being bothered by flies, mosquitos, bees, wasps and other irritating bugs.

Aluminum carports provide a great way to protect your vehicles and they help to extend the life of your car, motorcycle or campervan. If the weather is rough enclosed carport provides you with additional shelter and comfort. You don’t want to struggle in the rain and cold when you have to unpack a lot of groceries and stuff. Aluminum carports and patio covers also make your property more desirable and increased the potential selling value of your home.

A-1 Quality Aluminum is a reputable contractor in Florida and they install, maintain and fix screen enclosure of all kinds. Whether you need a patio cover, carport enclosure, pool enclosure or any other screen porch they can assist you. If you are a handy man yourself you could even consider a do it yourself kit. This can save you some money and you will still be using high quality materials such as PRO-TEC and NYLO-TEC.

Now is the time to give your lovely house in Florida a facelift with a comfortable patio cover or a value added aluminum carport. If you already have some screen enclosures you can also rely on A-1 Quality Aluminum for effective repair and maintenance services including re-screening at affordable rated and prices.


Patio and Screen Enclosures for Zephyrhills and Clearwater

Patio and screen enclosures transform your Florida home into a bit of paradise

When you are considering home improvements a screen or patio enclosure should be high on your list. There are so many possibilities with screen enclosures including sunrooms, pool area, carport and more. This is especially true if you live in a beautiful place such as Florida.  Whether you own property in Tarpon Springs, Naples or Zephyrhills FL, a screen enclosure from A-1 Quality Aluminum can help transform your home into a bit of paradise.

For example a screen enclosure for your pool area gives new meaning to entertainment and lifestyle. Now you can relax at the pool side without worrying about the harsh sun or the unpleasant wind. It’s a way of being close to nature whilst having protection from the elements, bugs, insects and other irritating things.   Then Florida is also home to some nasty reptiles that also would enjoy your pool. Your pool enclosure will help to keep unwanted snakes and alligators out of your pool. Imagine your daughter goes for a swim at night only to discover she is not alone in the pool. You pool enclosure also keeps out the leaves, dust and other airborne debris that will otherwise land in your pool. This reduces your pool maintenance and helps to keep your water crystal clear all year round.

A screen enclosure is also a great way to extend and expand your living space. For example you can convert your porch that no one uses into lifestyle sunroom that everyone loves. Apart from improving your lifestyle and adding value to your home, an aluminum patio enclosure requires little maintenance and upkeep.

Screen enclosures range from complex custom outdoor systems to basic DIY over the weekend kits.  Innovative designs also mean your patio enclosure will blend in with the style of your home and won’t look like some afterthought added to your home.


Screen Repairs and Screen Rooms for Zephyrhills and Clearwater, FL

Screen room repairs and maintenance keep your sun rooms in mint condition

You sit comfortably in your enclosed patio in your house in Florida when you notice some damage and decay caused by exposure to the elements over the years. Maybe some of the coating has worn off or some off the spline rubber has come loose. A-1 Quality Aluminum specializes in screen repairs, re-screening and all facets of screen rooms in towns such as Tarpon Springs, Naples and Zephyrhills Fl. Now you can have any of your screen rooms repaired at a cost effective price and re-screening will have your carport, pool enclosure or patio sunroom looking as good as new.

Screen rooms are exposed to the environment and the elements take their toll over time. Your screens require maintenance from time to time to keep them looking great and to extend the lifetime your screen rooms. If you are something of a handy man you can even do small screen repairs yourself.  Screen repairs can range from small tasks such as fixing a screen door handle to repairing panels on a large pool enclosure.

Repairing screens is a technical job that requires special tools, knowledge and experience. In most cases you will be better of calling the professionals to undertake your screen repairs. This will save you the cost of buying special tools and you will also know the job will be done properly. If you attempt the screen repairs yourself and then find you cannot complete the task you have wasted time and money.  Professional screen room installers already have the tools, equipment, materials and specialist skills to fix, repair and maintain your screen rooms cost effectively and professionally.

No homeowner wants their sun rooms, patios or pool enclosures to look run down and in a poor state. This will reduce the value of your home and will also impact on the amount of comfort and pleasure you, your family and guests derive from the use of your screen rooms.  You also don’t want to delay screen room repairs too long, as this will just result in the damage getting worse and that will cost you more in the long run.


Carports and Screen Enclosures in Clearwater and Zephyrhills

Carports and Screen enclosures improve your lifestyle

You can improve your lifestyle and value of your home with a variety of screen enclosures such as carports, patio enclosures, pool enclosures, sun rooms, patio covers and more. If you live in Bonita Springs, Clearwater, Estero you can get best value carports, enclosures and screen enclosures from A-1 Quality Aluminum.  Backed by a 10 year warranty, you can rely on quality screen enclosures and workmanship. When it comes to screen enclosures and enclosures you want the best quality parts such as PRO-TEC and NYLO-TEC so you know your screen enclosures are strong and can withstand big storms and inclement weather for many years to come.

When you invest in screen enclosures and home enclosures you want quality at the best possible price. This is great way to improve the value of your home.  Carports also protect your car from the elements and harsh weather conditions such as sun rays, wind, dust, rain snow and sleet. They also make it more convenient to get in and out of your car in rainy and bad weather. No more hassles with scraping snow and removing ice from your windscreen.  In addition carport add an element of safety as they can be close to you home entrance or can even have an interpleading door. Carports also offer additional advantages and benefits including the following

  • They are affordable and cost far less than a traditional garage
  • You can remove a carport and take it with you if you relocate
  • Carports are easier to install yourself and DIY kits are available
  • Off-street parking protects your car against theft and vandalism and adds some safety
  • You can use a carport as a porch or BBQ area
  • A carport provides shade for your car and also for you

So all in all carports and screen enclosures offer great benefits at affordable pricing.


Pool Enclosures for Tarpon Springs, Naples, and Zephyrhills

Pool and Screen enclosures improve your lifestyle

When you live in picturesque areas of Florida such as Tarpon Springs, Naples,  Zephyrhills Fl then pool enclosures and screen enclosures not only add value to your property, they also improve your lifestyle.  With a pool enclosure you can enjoy super entertainment in and around your pool all year round.  No worries if it’s raining or the wind is unpleasant or when the burn sun burns so hot;  you can still relax and enjoy quality time with friends and family in your enclosed pool area.

Now you might think that pool and screen enclosures are mighty expensive, But that’s not true. You can have the best in screen enclosures without breaking the bank. The team at A-1 Quality Aluminum also offer DIY kits, so if you consider yourself something of a handy man, then that is an even more economical solution.

Imagine the fun of being able to swim summer and winter and those seasons in-between. But pool enclosures also have other benefits. No more troublesome leaves and dust blowing into your pool. A pool enclosure also helps to keep those irritating and nasty insects at bay. Then of course there is that wow factor that will surely impress your friends. They may want to come and visit more often though.

Of course it’s not only your pool that qualifies for a screen enclosure. What about your patio or porch at the back of your house. A sunroom combines the best of outdoor and indoor living, keeping you close to nature but affording the comforts of indoor living.

Finally screen enclosures also add value to your home so it is not money down the drain. They are constructed from the best glass and aluminum materials and they are as safe as they are strong. You can also get pretty fancy with custom designs and sliding enclosures. What better way to invest in your portfolio and lifestyle than screen enclosures? Yes you deserve to have your own indoor paradise all year round.


Aluminum and Pool Closures for Estero and Clearwater

Aluminum, Patio enclosures for convenient indoor-outdoor living

Patio enclosures provide that curious mix of nature and convenience that most of us want. No wonder there are now so many applications and solutions provided by aluminum enclosures.  When you live in an area such as BONITA or SPRINGS you will surely get many benefits from sunrooms, pool enclosures and patio covers. They are made with aluminum and a lot of glass, so your get an abundance of light which adds to that outdoors feeling. This provides you that indoor lifestyle with the outdoor atmosphere.

Patio enclosures provide you with so many benefits that you will wonder how you managed without one for so long.  First they offer protection from all the unpleasant things nature provides; wind, rain, insects, heat and cold. With a screen room you can feel close to nature without having to deal with unpleasant weather or nasty insects. Now you can enjoy every day in the comfort of your patio enclosure, sunroom or pool enclosure.

Apart from improving your lifestyle patio enclosures also add value to your home, especially in CLEARWATER or ESTERO.  Another great thing about patio enclosures is that they come in different styles, shapes and sizes, So you can basically get a patio cover or sunroom that is tailored made to fit and improve your home.

A-1 Quality Aluminum supplies and builds quality patio enclosures that are cost effective and constructed with super strong and energy efficient materials. So if you live in CLEARWATER, BONITA, SPRINGS or ESTRO make the most of your home and add an aluminum patio cover or enclosure. It is a perfect addition to your home in Florida and will add enjoyment to your life and value to your property. So call A-1 and het close to nature while enjoying the comforts of home.


Screen Rooms in Bonita Springs and Estero

Enjoying The Outdoors From Indoors Thanks To Screen Rooms

Have you ever wanted to be able to admire from the inside the beautiful landscape surrounding your home? Or perhaps you wanted to be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery at dusk from the comfort of your sofa?

Truth be told, the landscapes in Bonita Springs, Clearwater or Estero are just too beautiful to keep away from the wondering eye. If you’re always in search for something beautiful, why not start by making sure that you have a great view of the nature outside? Screen rooms are an amazing source of inspiration.

Imagine you can admire the sky above without having to worry about mosquitoes or other crawling creatures which live in the open. You lie on your sofa and just watch the sky at night, with its infinite stars… you think about the best idea for that new project you are working on by looking at the beautiful blue skies and allowing yourself to be inspired by this scenery which takes your breath away…

Would you like that?

You can enjoy the outdoors from indoors thanks to screen rooms. If you don’t need the glass which goes into screen rooms you can install a simple Champion screen room. But for the best results trust your instincts and go with glass.

Wintertime will be most wonderful when you will be able to let your imagination go lose at the sight of the white scenery in front of your home. Your guests will find your screen room fantastic – and these rooms are great for those intimate parties you can only enjoy together with the best of friends…

The activities you can do in a screen room are only bordered by your imagination: do you want to watch a romantic movie with the one you love? Do you want to enjoy a beautiful summer evening? Are you looking for the best place in your home to enjoy the morning coffee?

If so, screen rooms might be just what you are looking for.


Screen Porches for Naples and Tarpon Springs

Screen Porches Are Not Just For Exotic Movies

Screen porches are attributed to the exotic scenery you only see in movies. Imagine the main character waking up one sunny morning, going to the big screen porch and opening the door to a blue sky and the sound of the waves… Can you imagine the scene? Beautiful, isn’t it?

What if you could obtain the same result at home?

Yes, in Tarpon Springs, or Naples, or Zephyrhills FL. The landscape outside will not be the same turquoise ocean, of course, but the sky will be blue and the days will be sunny. And even if the weather is not always bright and warm, the comfort of screen porches will allow you to make the most of each and every day that you spend at home.

A screened porch provides plenty of room for you to relax with your friends and enjoy the view. And even better, if your house is next to a patio or a beautiful backyard, then you must admit screen porches are truly God sent.

Do you worry about the coldness of winter seasons?

Don’t. If you want to enjoy your porch in winter time you can create one that has heating elements installed. These elements are usually similar to those installed in restaurants and bars, therefore of high quality.

Probably the best thing about screen porches is that they provide an insect-free environment that you can savor almost year-round. Depending on your preferences you can have them installed with or without removable windows.

Here’s a tip to help you decide upon the best location for your screen porch: it is best to have the porch close to the rooms that you use often. For example, having the screen porch built near the kitchen or somewhere near the back-end of your home make the porch not only good-looking but practical too.