Carports and Patio Covers in Zephyrhills, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs, FL

Carports and patio covers are practical and sensible extensions to your home

If you are thinking about home extensions and improvements you should seriously consider carports and patio covers. Both are extremely useful and sensible investments at the same time. A-1 Quality aluminum is a recommended contractor for screen enclosures in Naples and Clearwater, including carports, patio covers, pool enclosures, screened porches and screened rooms.

A carport is a good complement or alternative to a traditional garage. With a carport you get many of the benefits of a garage but at a fraction of the cost. Your vehicle is sheltered from adverse weather and protected from sun, wind, hail and snow. Nobody wants to scrape snow off their windscreen on a cold winter’s morning.  And when the sun beats down your car will get very hot inside making it comfortable top drive. Sun rays can also cause you vehicle upholstery to fade and crack.

Apart from protecting and extending the life of your car a carport can be used as a general shelter area in bad or uncomfortable weather.  For example you can pull your barbecue under a carport, store stuff or just get out of the sun or rain when you need to be outside. And if you consider yourself something of a handyman you can get one of those DIY kits and install the carport yourself.

Patio covers also improve your outdoor living by offering protection against the weather as well as insects and bugs.  Whether you go for fully or partially enclosed patios, you add comfort to your outdoor living while at the same time adding value to your property.

Carport and patio covers don’t have to look like afterthoughts.  Modern technology, quality components and innovative designs mean you get screen enclosures that look great and don’t stand out like a sore thumb.


Carports and Aluminum Carports Throughout Naples, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs

4 Tips for building your own carports

Are you looking for an inexpensive and useful way to protect your car from rain and other natural factors that may affect it? If your answer is yes, then the best solution for your problem would be to build a carport.
In this article you will find lots of useful information about how to build your own carport.
1. Decide your budget and get the needed tools
Firstly, you should keep in mind that this is not an easy task and you should respect every step of the build. You will need some tools that may not be available in every home. Before starting the project you should make sure that you have an adequate budget for buying the needed materials.
2. Buying the required materials
The best material for building the structure of your carport is metal, since it is long-lasting, sturdy, and stable. Additionally, it is easy to find even in areas such as Naples and Clearwater. Although this material is not cheap, you can save money by buying a canvas roof, but keep in mind that these are not as durable, and you might have to change it in a few years.
3. How to get the best carport measurement
Before buying all the materials needed, measure the size of your car. While doing this, it is best to leave some extra space in the measurement because it can be used to store car related things such as wheels and toolboxes, and by doing this you will also take care of any errors that may occur during the build.
4. Plan before you get to work
Another thing that you should pay extra attention when starting to build a carport is the building plan. If you are not confident in your carpentry skills, be sure to choose a practical and easy to follow construction plan.
In conclusion, building your own carport is not hard to do if you pay extra care at every step of the project.