Affordable screen pool cages installation and repair in Estero FL & Naples FL

How to get affordable screen pool cages installation

Affordable pool cages installation is not impossible to find… if you know what to look for. If you live in Estero, Naples or Clearwater then you probably know that there are a lot of companies which offer this service – but do you know how to choose the best of them all?

To make it easier for you to decide upon the best affordable screen pool cages installation company out there, we put together a short checklist. Use it confidently whenever you need pool cages installation or affordable pool cages repair:

1.       The company’s experience is solid

By saying that we don’t mean that young companies are unreliable. But it does make you feel better knowing that you are working with people who have been dealing with affordable screen pool cages installation for years and years.

2.       The company offers you warranty for the pool cage

Not all companies will do that, so make sure you inquire about warranties for your pool cage. A good warranty will offer you coverage for at least one year after installation.

3.       The company offers you maintenance services for the pool cage

These services can be included in the warranty we mentioned at point 2 or they can be offered as a self-standing service. Either way, you will probably want regular screen pool cage maintenance, so consider working with a company that can supply this kind of services.

4.       The company has positive reviews from former clients

Word of mouth recommendations will probably lead you to a trustworthy company. So always make sure to lay your ear to what others have to say about affordable screen pool cages installation companies.

5.       The company has a strong online presence

Nowadays, if you’re not online you don’t exist. A professional company will invest in their online image and they will have a strong online presence through a website, a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile and more.

6.       The company provides professional customer care services

Customer care is another important aspect. Not all people are familiar with the affordable screen pool cages installation process or with the industry overall. The company’s representatives will spend time talking with their customers and explaining to them the installation or repair process in detail.


Screen Enclosures for Naples and Estero

Life’s easier with screen enclosures – here’s why



Have you ever thought of installing a screen enclosure to protect your pool or patio from natural elements? If your answer to this question is yes, then by reading this article you will find precious information about those that will help you decide whether or not you should install one.

First of all, many people think that installing a pool screen enclosure is not necessary. This is not true, since such a system can save you from having to remove all the debris that fall in the water, along with all the small animals, such as frogs and lizards that often get into the pool at night. Another good reason for installing one is that you can forget about all the mosquito`s and other insects that can really affect you in the evening or at night.  Therefore, we can say that even though you may have to spend some extra money, installing a pool enclosure can really help you enjoy the most out of your pool.

Furthermore, when taking into consideration patio screen enclosures, the advantages are almost the same, but the protection they offer against insects is much more important. This happens because most of us choose to spend time here at night, when insects are most active and can be really disturbing, unlike with the pool where people tend to hang out during the day.

An advantage that applies to both screen enclosures is the fact that because today people choose quality products instead of cheap ones, the materials used to build them are better and companies usually offer life-time warranty for them. Also, because there are more and more companies out there that offer such services, their price has considerably dropped, and they are available almost everywhere, even in areas such as Estero, Naples, or Clearwater.


Estero and Naples FL Pool Enclosures

Why have a pool enclosure installed immediately


Pool enclosures nowadays are almost a must have when you want to install a pool. This happens as a consequence of the fact that it keeps all the debris such as leaves from getting into the water. Another great fact about them is that they prevent mosquito`s and other insects from bothering you when you want to hang out with your friends by the pool, or simply go for a swim at night or in the evening.

You can choose to install a pool enclosure yourself, but pay extra attention when doing this because if you choose to install a screen enclosure, the installation of the windows and the aluminum frame that holds them can be really tricky. The best way to do this is to hire a professional.

As a consequence of the fact that the number of companies that offer such services is increasing, you no longer have to worry about not finding one in your area. Nowadays they are available even in areas such as Naples and Clearwater, and the price you have to pay for a pool enclosure has dropped making it affordable for almost everyone.

Besides offering protection against bugs and debris, screen enclosures also protect your screen. This happens because most of the windows that are used for them are especially made to prevent UV rays from getting to you and affecting your skin, so if you choose to install one you will be able to enjoy the sun even in the afternoon when it is most powerful.

Furthermore, companies that deal with such projects offer you the possibility of installing reflecting windows, so you no longer have to worry about people staring at you when you go swimming during the day.


Affordable Screen Pool Cages Installation in Estero, FL and Naples, FL

The benefits of installing a pool cage

Why should you install a pool cage? Let’s discover the most important benefits that this protection system has to offer.
1. Privacy
Have you ever felt that someone is watching you while you are swimming or just having a good time with your friends and family by the pool?
If you’re looking for privacy, a pool cage is just the thing you need. It gives you your much needed privacy. The windows of the pool cage do not allow people to peek inside, but you can enjoy the rays of the sun. So it’s tanning, bathing and enjoying a good time by the pool… in complete privacy.
2. Cost effectiveness
Furthermore, by installing a pool cage you will also save the money otherwise spent on maintenance. This happens because no more leaves, bugs, or other unwanted things will end up in the pool.
In addition, it also protects you and your family from the harmful UV sun rays. This means that you will be able to enjoy your pool even in the hot hours of the afternoon, without having to worry about sun burns or other skin diseases that may occur in such instances.
3. Availability
If you decide to install such a protection system for your pool, you should know that nowadays there are companies that offer pool cages installation systems almost in every corner of the world.
They are also available in areas such as Naples and Clearwater. Also, if you worry about the price, this varies depending on the size of the pool and the height of the cage; keep in mind that you will recover your investment because you will no longer have to spend large amounts of money on maintenance.
In conclusion, we can say that installing a pool cage can be a good investment for you and your family, and everyone should have one nowadays.