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    Screen Rooms Naples FL

    Need a Screen Room enclosure or repair? We provide affordable service to Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, Clearwater and Zephyrhills. Plus offer the following

    • Affordable prices, high quality work.
    • Do-It-Yourself Kits!
    • Front Entry Ways
    • Carports
    • Re-screening, Patio Enclosures, Pool Cages, Repairs, Roof repairs, Soffit & Fascia


  • 1-239-450-1715

    10 Year Warranty!

    We use PRO-TEC and NYLO-TEC screws to protect your screen rooms. The NYLO-TEC fastener is a self drilling screw with a special glass reinforced nylon bi-hexagonal head to resist corrosion. The PRO-TECT Fastener Protection allows for a plastic sleeve which protects your screws best.

  • 1-239-450-1715


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Pool Enclosure and Patio Enclosure in Estero, Naples, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Zephyrhills FL

A Pool enclosure and patio enclosure for your Florida home

Enclosures such as a pool enclosure or patio enclosure will improve your home life and add value to your property.  When you live in a beautiful state such as Florida then pool and patio enclosures make even more sense.  A-1 Quality Aluminum can install your patio or pool enclosure for your home in Estero, Naples or Clearwater.

Life in Florida is all about outdoors and a pool enclosure will help make your outdoor living more comfortable and enjoyable.  Summer days in Florida can be pretty hot and a pool enclosure provides you with that much needed shade well at the same time providing you some protection against the harmful UV sun rays. Hot weather also attracts irritating insects and a pool enclosure will place an effective barrier between you and those pesky mosquitos and other flying and crawling insects.

A pool enclosure also improves safety and security. An enclosure can keep out alligators and other dangerous reptiles. Since you can lock your enclosure, it can help keep out unwanted elements, vagrants and potential burglars. In addition a pool enclosure will keep out debris and other airborne materials, helping to keep you pool cleaner. Now you won’t need to spend your days skimming and scooping leaves out of your pool. You will also be able to enjoy your pool all year without having to worry about inclement weather.

Much of what applies to a pool enclosure also applies to a patio enclosure. You can turn your so-so patio into a multi-purpose room where you can relax and enjoy nature without the discomforts and of wind, rain, sun, insects and other irritations. Whether you want your patio to be a sun-room, a tea room, a play room or all season room, a patio enclosure can do just that.

Pool and patio enclosures for you nice home in Florida simply make sense.


Screen Repairs & Screen Rooms in Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Zephyrhills, FL

Screen room repairs are best left to the pros

Screen rooms and enclosures are popular in Naples and Clearwater and for good reason. Life in Florida is about being outside as much as possible and a nice screen room makes that possible.  Screen rooms and enclosures provide protection from bugs, debris and the weather. On a hot summers day you can enjoy being outside without being bugged by pesky insects. At the same time you screen room offers you shade and protection from the harmful rays of the sun.  If you want a pool enclosure in Naples or a sunroom in Clearwater, you should speak to the people at A-1 Quality Aluminum.  They are the experts when it comes to screen room design, installation and maintenance. Whether you want a pool cage, a patio enclosure, a screened porch, an aluminum carport or simply aluminum awnings, the experts can help you with the screen room or enclosure for your home. For those of you with some handyman skills the option of DIY kit is also available.

Over time you screens can become torn, faded and tired looking.  Screen repairs or re-screening is a difficult job that is best left to the pros.  Don’t let a missing screen or a torn screen spoil your summertime fun. The screening professionals can repair your screens and enclosures quickly and cost effectively. Whether you require aluminum, vinyl repairs, fiberglass repairs, you can count on the experts at A-1 Quality to complete your screen repairs quickly and effectively.


Maybe you feel that you can do the job yourself. Screen repair is not easy work and few have mastered the art and craft of it. If the job is not finished properly and correctly you will have wasted time and money. There are certain basic screen repair jobs that the home DIY enthusiast can master, such as replacing a torn panel. Anything more complex is best left to the pros.


Affordable screen pool cages installation and repair in Estero FL & Naples FL

How to get affordable screen pool cages installation

Affordable pool cages installation is not impossible to find… if you know what to look for. If you live in Estero, Naples or Clearwater then you probably know that there are a lot of companies which offer this service – but do you know how to choose the best of them all?

To make it easier for you to decide upon the best affordable screen pool cages installation company out there, we put together a short checklist. Use it confidently whenever you need pool cages installation or affordable pool cages repair:

1.       The company’s experience is solid

By saying that we don’t mean that young companies are unreliable. But it does make you feel better knowing that you are working with people who have been dealing with affordable screen pool cages installation for years and years.

2.       The company offers you warranty for the pool cage

Not all companies will do that, so make sure you inquire about warranties for your pool cage. A good warranty will offer you coverage for at least one year after installation.

3.       The company offers you maintenance services for the pool cage

These services can be included in the warranty we mentioned at point 2 or they can be offered as a self-standing service. Either way, you will probably want regular screen pool cage maintenance, so consider working with a company that can supply this kind of services.

4.       The company has positive reviews from former clients

Word of mouth recommendations will probably lead you to a trustworthy company. So always make sure to lay your ear to what others have to say about affordable screen pool cages installation companies.

5.       The company has a strong online presence

Nowadays, if you’re not online you don’t exist. A professional company will invest in their online image and they will have a strong online presence through a website, a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile and more.

6.       The company provides professional customer care services

Customer care is another important aspect. Not all people are familiar with the affordable screen pool cages installation process or with the industry overall. The company’s representatives will spend time talking with their customers and explaining to them the installation or repair process in detail.


Screen Enclosures and Screen Porches in Clearwater, Naples, Tarpon Springs and Zephyrhills, FL

3 Useful Tips for French Style Screen Porches

Does shabby chic resonate with your design preferences? If yes, then you’ll definitely like these tips on screen porches, because they were created especially for you!

1.       Keep it simple

The French are famous for being sophisticated, but more often than not sophisticated means simple. So make sure you limit yourself to only 3, max 4 colors; use the same tones throughout the porch: wardrobes, chairs, floors, walls, etc.

But be careful not to be too simple. If the décor is clean and clear, you can go bold with the ceiling: choose a complex chandelier for a maximum effect. Or you can use plants and flowers as decorative elements.

Keep in mind: you do need a few elements to stand out, but otherwise keep the screen porches design as simple as possible.

2.       Keep it budget-friendly

Screen enclosures are usually places where you want to relax. Would you be able to relax if each time you saw your screen porch numbers of how much you spent on it started going through your mind?

Rather than going overboard with costs, think intelligently: can you find something really beautiful at the Sunday market in your town? Like a table or a chair that would be a perfect fit to your screen porch?

Keep in mind: the flea market is that kind of place that’s both budget-friendly and filled with hidden gems for screen enclosures…

3.       Get the right flowers

Speaking of flowers, purchase “French-style” flowers: small roses, lavender, lilies of the valley… strong smells, small flowers, beautiful bouquets of colors. That’s what French style is all about. Oh, and if you can combine these flowers with white-washed pots… well, that’s definitely something that will ‘wow!’ your friends.

Psss… these tips are especially useful to those living in Naples or Clearwater because they can easily contact a professional company to build their screen enclosure. And then… all that’s left is decorating the interiors!


Zephyrhills and Clearwater, FL Screen Rooms

Strong aluminum screen rooms require less screen repairs

Screen rooms are a great addition to any property and will also improve your home life in many ways. Screen rooms are versatile and enable you to extend your living and entertainment space. If you need screen rooms or screen repairs in Estero, Naples or Clearwater you should speak to the experts at A-1 Quality Aluminum.

Aluminum screen rooms are stronger and more durable than other materials such as fibreglass. This means you screen room lasts longer and will require less screen repairs.  Extruded aluminum frames add strength, durability and structural integrity to your screen room. So when a storm hits you can be confident your screen room will stand strong.

Aluminum screen rooms can be built with additional features such as electrical raceways, insulated roof panels, glass enclosures, single point locking systems and more.  Glass roof panels can be used to make a sky light which will give you an amazing view of the day or night sky.

Patio enclosures, porch enclosures, sunrooms, carports and swimming pool enclosures are some of the more popular screen rooms.  A screen room allows you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather, bugs, dust or other irritations.  Screen rooms not only enhance the value of your property but they offer many lifestyle benefits. Whether you want an area to entertain or an just a place to relax, a screen room can be the answer.

Screen rooms also come with warranties. Look for a warranty that gives you the longest time frame and covers all the important parts including glass, panels and seals. Sometimes you will need screen repairs or even re-screening.  When it comes to screen repairs you want fast and cost effective repairs such as provides by A-1 Quality Aluminum.


Carports and Patio Covers in Zephyrhills, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs, FL

Carports and patio covers are practical and sensible extensions to your home

If you are thinking about home extensions and improvements you should seriously consider carports and patio covers. Both are extremely useful and sensible investments at the same time. A-1 Quality aluminum is a recommended contractor for screen enclosures in Naples and Clearwater, including carports, patio covers, pool enclosures, screened porches and screened rooms.

A carport is a good complement or alternative to a traditional garage. With a carport you get many of the benefits of a garage but at a fraction of the cost. Your vehicle is sheltered from adverse weather and protected from sun, wind, hail and snow. Nobody wants to scrape snow off their windscreen on a cold winter’s morning.  And when the sun beats down your car will get very hot inside making it comfortable top drive. Sun rays can also cause you vehicle upholstery to fade and crack.

Apart from protecting and extending the life of your car a carport can be used as a general shelter area in bad or uncomfortable weather.  For example you can pull your barbecue under a carport, store stuff or just get out of the sun or rain when you need to be outside. And if you consider yourself something of a handyman you can get one of those DIY kits and install the carport yourself.

Patio covers also improve your outdoor living by offering protection against the weather as well as insects and bugs.  Whether you go for fully or partially enclosed patios, you add comfort to your outdoor living while at the same time adding value to your property.

Carport and patio covers don’t have to look like afterthoughts.  Modern technology, quality components and innovative designs mean you get screen enclosures that look great and don’t stand out like a sore thumb.


Screen Repairs and Screen Enclosures in Estero, Naples and Clearwater, FL

Do it yourself window screen replacement project

Screen repair projects can be very difficult, and if you do not have the tools needed for the job, you should contact a professional to do it for you. When you are dealing with a window screen replacement, you do not need professional tools, and you can do this on your own in just a couple of minutes if you follow these 3 simple steps.

Before starting the actual replacement job, you should first buy the replacement material. You can find it in your local hardware shops, even from areas such as Estero, Naples, and Clearwater. The best one you can choose is fiberglass since it has a good value to price ratio.

The first step of this project involves removing the old screen and fixing the frame in position so it will not change its position while you are working with it. During this step, you should use a sharp screwdriver to pry out the old spline, which will have to be replaced because in time it hardens. After you have successfully removed the spline, you now have to secure the frame. You can do this by simply screwing wooden blocks, placed along the inside of the frame, to the worktable.

Step two of the job involves cutting and fixing the new screen into place. When you have to cut it, you should overlay the screen over the frame and cut it leaving a 1 extra inch margin. After that you have to cut the corners to a 45° angle, because it will prevent the screen from bunching in the corners. Then you have to take the screen rolling tool and the new spline and, using the screen rolling tool push the spline and the screen into the groove of the frame.

During the third and last step, you only have to trim the excess screen material using a utility knife. It is advised to use a new, sharp cutting blade so it will cut the material and not pull it out of the groove.


Screen Repairs and Screen Rooms in Clearwater, Tarpon Springs and Naples, FL

What should you know before building a screen room or a sun room?

Are you going through a home renovation project, and you do not know what to choose between a sun porch, and a screen room? If your answer to this question is yes, then you should continue reading this article in order to find out what does such a project involve.

In this article we will present you everything there is to know about these two structures when it comes to permitting, electric, and, maybe the most important factor: price. First of all we will talk about the costs of building such structures. When it comes to costs, the cheapest solution would be installing a screen room. This is due to the fact that, with a sun room, the sliding glass doors can be quite expensive, unlike the ordinary ones that are used to build screen rooms.

Because both these structures represent extra living spaces added to your house, these projects require building permits. As a consequence, you will have to get your home re-assessed, which most of the times ends with an increase in the taxes you have to pay. In addition, this will increase the building costs since building permits can be expensive, and it takes time to obtain one, and as we all know, time is money nowadays.

When it comes to mounting the wiring from your sun room, or screen room, you should hire a professional to do the job for you, since their services are not very expensive, and they can be found even in areas such as Naples, or Clearwater. This can be a tricky job, and if you do not have the tools required to do it, you can easily get hurt. Furthermore, it is advised for you to buy waterproof outlets, to prevent any damage that may be caused by water infiltration.

So we can admit that both these structures do the same thing, but the sun room makes you feel more like being outside than the screen room.


Carports in Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, and Zephyrhills FL

Carports offer protection and a host of other benefits

Carports are useful additions to your property as they can protect your car against the elements and also provide a space where you can store other vehicles and items.  A-1 Quality Aluminum is a preferred supplier of carports in Estero, Naples and Clearwater because of their high standards of craftsmanship, commitment to customer service and their cost effective pricing.  Whether you want your carport professionally installed or whether you prefer a DIY kit, they will provide the right products and service at a price you can afford.

There are many good reasons to consider a carport. Nobody wants to struggle scraping ice and snow off your windscreens on cold winter mornings, especially not when you already late and in a hurry. A carport shelters your vehicle from the harsh elements, be it sun, wind, rain, snow or hail. This way you extend the life of your car and reduce the risk that your car won’t start on a cold and unforgiving winter’s morning.

Carports are less expensive than conventional garages and also require far less time to assemble and install, saving you time and money.  Installing a carport can be as quick as a couple of hours but should not take more than a few days for larger and more complex ones.  In most situations you won’t need planning permission from your local authority, whereas traditional garages will require building approval from your town council.

You also have more options regarding the placement of your carport and it can even extend and complement an existing garage. By placing a carport close to a door or you also improve safety and security. Modern aluminum carports are durable and strong and they are available in sleek designs so they won’t distract from the aesthetic value of your property.

Should you sell your home your carport will add value and you will be able to demand a higher price. You could also disassemble your carport and take it with you to a new home.